From Darkness to Light

“The She In Every U” welcomes you to the journey towards ensuring a JUST SOCIETY.

There are those, whose wounds are never caressed,
There are those, whose tears remain unnoticed,
There are those, whose bodies are traded without their consent,
There are those, whose hearts are never loved…

Our Vision

A violence free society for “Her” where every woman and child can exercise their right to live with dignity and embrace a safer and healthier life.

Our Mission
To educate, enable, empower every woman and child on their right to live with dignity and enjoy a violence free life. To work towards building a Just Society free from discrimination and violence. To encourage every woman to become self-confident & self-reliant.

Raise your voice against the injustice; be angry to save your dignity,
Name the Shame, so that “The She in Every U” regains her lost respect and evolve mightier than ever to “Say No To The Obnoxious Desires“ of the jeopardized world.

Let’s stand United and Celebrate our Confessions…