Chapter 1: -The ‘kands’ of a corporate misogynist

20th June 2017 was her due date. She was getting all these mixed feelings – can she make it? Did she do it properly? Or is there anything she could have done better? The feelings were all in her head and believe me; the uncanny sense of anxiety was eating her from inside. She was staring at him with her wide eyes open, trying to figure out what’s going on in his head. ‘He’-the one whom she is scared of, the plight of her family gets worsened because of him and last not the least, she has to bear that beast as long as she survives here.
Survival here is not for the fittest. Survival here is something different. He demands stuffs that you cannot offer him. Your dignity is in trouble on every step you follow. The best feasible solution is to keep your mouth shut, do not protest, giggle and fool around people whom you are not compatible with. And all of a sudden, you wake up in the morning realizing that all the moral values and good virtues that your dad and your teachers gave you not very lately were just impractical in ‘His’ world of anarchy.
She was ragged. She was ragged repeatedly without any reason. Her blood turned blue and she stood pale and feeble in front of them. Her voice was lost, her eyes lost way and she was someone completely different from what she used to be. Embarrassing situations, awkward moments were not letting her stand tall. She was ashamed for being herself, her self-respect was being thwarted every now and then and the fear to lose her hard earned job ends right here.
‘SHE IS JOBLESS’ –why? The reason ‘He’ has to offer is “why did you report of being ragged?’’
19th June 2017, all three of them crossed their permissible limit. ‘He’ and his fatal attraction continued to humiliate her. Unable to bear their tortures, she flagged the issue in presence of the senior colleagues of her team. Their responses were quite expected….. “Sorry dear, we are helpless. We failed as woman to safeguard you. We have children and family back home, we cannot help you neither can we afford to lose our job. Just try to ignore them”. You know, the people whom she complained about her being ragged were none other the so called official members of “Anti –Sexual Harassment” committee.
Now what? Will she be able to get justice? Can she find herself back? The answer to these questions lay far deep in the filths of uncertainties. No one ever has got justice or I guess will get. Protesting against the system is not every one’s cup of tea. Kudos to this girl for she came out of her humiliation, showed courage to unveil these corporate misogynists who constantly play around the sentiments of women in their workplace, mentally torture them, threaten regularly , questions on her performance issue and demand immoral favors in the name of organization’s open culture.
Ah! It makes me sick. I get claustrophobic when I come to know that once again someone is in tears only because she flagged the concern of feeling isolated and humiliated. It is not only she who is being harassed regularly in her workplace. It’s me, you and all of the other women for whom workplace harassment or more precisely sexual harassment in either of these form – cracking jokes on our identity , being asked for doing odd jobs or say bearing the obnoxious desires of our managers throughout our tenure in that office have become a regular and monotonous thing.
However, I might not be wrong in one particular instant that it is not only women who face such trouble, there are our male friends and colleagues also who equally face such embarrassing situations and believe me the severity of their plight is much more than what we face. They are compelled to tolerate these situations as we know they have to sustain their families back home.
Corporate Hooliganism is the latest addition in the house of anarchy in our society. In the era of massive unemployment, the plights of software engineers are “dimmed confirmed”. Keep your mouth shut. You are being paid for it. That’s what we get to hear from our managers and so on.
I always wondered what might be the qualities that one needs to have to climb the corporate ladder. Absolutely no idea! The only pledge to the world I have as of now- is to help this girl who is a victim of Corporate Hooliganism and we demand the right to life for her.

Disclaimer: Names and characters mentioned here are purely the author’s imagination and bear no resemblance to any actual person living or dead. The content is not intended to offend the sentiment of any individuals, institutions etc.

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