Last Chapter: The Journey from a victim to a fighter to a survivor…

15th November 2017: Teesta’s employer was unaware of the Police Complaint and hence continued to harass and threat her. On the evening of 15th Nov 2017 at around 5.30pm, Teesta was again called for a discussion with the HR Director and HR Manager and this time the venue was HR Director’s cabin. Teesta accepted the discussion request and reached the HR Director’s room on time. Both the HR Director and HR Manager were present and they initiated the discussion. Teesta chose to remain silent and not to comment as she was extremely traumatized and scared by the scary threats she received in the meeting on 13th November,2017 from the same HR Director and HR Manager post which she made the Police Complaint on 14th November,2017.

The HR Director and HR Manager kept on repeating that the case was closed and Teesta has to accept it in order to work here. The HR Director once again threatened her and was forcing her to go for a closure immediately.

One thing Teesta did not understand that if the case was closed then why are they forcing her to close it again? Is it a joke or something? There had been no closure form or discussion initiated from the management’s end till today, never had Teesta gave in writing that she had closed the case nor the management was able to state the reason for the closure. Then why is she put into the series of assaults and terror for the last five months? There is just no answer to such questions.

Next, the HR Director had typed in a warning letter basically a hard copy and got it signed by Tanuja and Teesta’s manager as a proof that the harasser were warned in writing.

Look at the mockery they created out of the system. Teesta works in a MNC and here every communication happens through email. There is no concept of hard copy in this respect and if any warning letter was issued , it had to be done via email for further correspondence and the victim must had to be copied in that email, so that the Honorable court could refer to it when the case moves for trial.

Each and every communication that happened in Teesta’s case were done via email and how come such an important action item like the Issuance of the Warning Letter from the management’s end was done on a hard copy and Teesta was not handed over the copy of action item?

We can clearly understand the level of criminal thought process of the HR Director and HR Manager from these activities. They are misusing their power and abusing this noble platform of POSH and thus setting a wrong example for all other law abiding citizens of this country.

Teesta was mocked at by the HR Director and he threatened her again with the same sentence “Go anywhere under the Sun, you cannot do anything to us” .He was holding that piece of warning letter with one hand and was moving that piece of paper round and round in front of Teesta’s face. Teesta was helpless and the HR Manager who happens to be a female enjoys the banter equally with the HR Director.

Finally, Teesta breaks her silence and states:’’ I am moving this case beyond the Organization. Thank you all” and she leaves the cabin quietly.

16th November 2017: Bidhannagar Electronic Complex Police starts their investigation at Teesta’s Office. Two Police officers visits Teesta’s office at around 6:15pm on 16th Nov, 2017 and gathers information on the incidents from Teesta, facility manager who was present in office and from some other eye witnesses. Police carried on their investigation and clearly communicated to the facility manager that Teesta needs to put on relief immediately. No further torture or harassment will be tolerated anymore. Also, her reporting should be changed with immediate effect and all the harassers should be relocated to some other floor as soon as possible. They also stated that in no condition Teesta should be placed before those harassers or confronted with them.

Meanwhile, when this investigation was going on, Teesta’s manager, HR Director, HR Manager and all those senior team members who were the part of the harassment fled away from office and were not reachable during the Police enquiry.

17th November, 2017: Teesta receives an email from the HR stating that there is a change in reporting and she will report to one of the senior team member effective from today.

Now guess who is her new manager?

He is none other than the same person before whom Teesta had officially made her first complaint for the ragging and sexual harassment that she was facing. This man was the brain behind all the crimes like (suggesting Teesta’s manager to put her confirmation on hold, scare her, and put her into performance issue) and he had always and still now continues sheltering the criminals in the team. The management could have easily changed Teesta’s reporting to some other product manager and that could have eased all the problems. But no! This was just an eye wash activity to convince the Police that Teesta’s manager had been changed and they are fully co-operating to ensure Teesta is in relief.

3rd October, 2018: It has been eleven months and still now no actions had been taken against the harassers. Teesta’s continues to be under threats to withdraw the case. Her promotion was denied, so was the hike. The senior Director conveyed a message via her present manager that she has to close the case in order to get promotion or hike in the organization.

Teesta now sits in a floor alone within the pile of radioactive e-waste. It is basically a store room and extremely chaotic as this place is visited by outsiders, group –D staffs, maintenance labors etc. She has been isolated from the entire office and all basic facilities and opportunities are withdrawn from her. Her present manager continues discriminating her, makes fool out of her situation and gives her zero opportunity to grow and perform.

He teams up with the harassers and participates in the Organizational process, events and deliverables. He creates opportunities for the harassers to perform and makes them excel in those tasks. Teesta is nowhere. She had been forcefully ignored and avoided. They now want her to resign on her own as they have successfully communicated to office that the case had died down and Teesta is happy working here.

Teesta is devastated but not broken. They have tried her patience but failed. Her will power is much stronger than yours and mine. She is a fighter and she will fight till she gets justice. She has survived all the tortures, pain and fear. She is now brave and her courage to speak out is unbeatable. Her endurance multiplied and now she is all equipped to fight the big battle.

We believe “Justice late is not Justice denied” and there is no expiry date to our life stories. She will fight and we will stand by her in this journey.

Disclaimer: Names and characters mentioned here are purely the author’s imagination and bear no resemblance to any actual person living or dead. The content is not intended to offend the sentiment of any individuals, institutions etc.

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