If a confession is in you, it must come out

She is the ‘me’ in every you. But, the me mislays her identity each moment when the cruel and nasty world of him accompanied by a jeopardized her constantly questions her presence, dignity and valor for life. She is a warrior. She has fought life battles that no one ever had done so far. She is quiet, simple, naïve and unware of what the world has in store for her. She is unkempt, but sensitive. She is beautiful, she is charming and is sure of one thing that she can have the best man in the world if she wants to.

She loves herself. She dances to the song of life. How to entice life with smile is in her gene. Her genre of species in this world is considered ‘ABNORMAL’. She is often hooted at upon by ‘HIMS & HERS’ who are technically those awful looking, sexually frustrated but guys with heavy pockets filled with American dollars and ‘Yes’ they are the ones who never get tired in pulling down the self-esteem of that fragile heart – who loves everything in this world including the good and the bad that swarm up the lanes of her dream and reality at the same time.

She is now a woman of substance and keeps on turning heads of many even at the age of 34. Her eyes though tired and shrunken in the depth of uncertainties, can relate to his dark brown eyes. He is her console, comfort and confidant. He is no nonsense. Love and sensuality makes them inseparable. He never stood by her side when she needed him, but his absence made her more sensible, responsible and strong enough to fight back those spineless filthy and ever complaining world that surrounds her almost in all colors of life. She believes in him. His words are encouraging, motivating and he knows the tricks to keep the faith in her alive even if he is miles far away from her. Love over rules lust and lust over rules enmity.

She is captivated. She is not able to breath in. They are choking her to death. She is helpless. She is in pain- unbearable and burning. She wants to speak out. She wants to make it loud and clear. Alas! No one is there to listen her breaking and terrified voice. They are polished and well presented to the world. They are so called white collared sophisticated corporates. Harassment is a big word here. But, what about the ‘She’ who regularly tries to raise her voice in utter silence and gets unheard and un noticed in the world of jigsaw.

She is diagnosed with psychosomatic disorder. The other her made her feel so low that she was desperate to end her life. But, her life owed to Him- Him she loved, caressed and felt safest after her dad’s arm. For her there is no place safer than her world with her beloveds.

However, this time the sound must be loud and clear. Ugly, overrated sense of loss must not crepe in from now onward. She has found pastures ad mist of arid deserts. It is again ‘Him’ standing right behind her, embracing her tightly and howling at that dirt(s). All her inner mayhem spirit of life suddenly inhaled the spirit of life. She tucked her lips deep in his and said “go of all frailties! Let’s fight deliriums!”

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